About our Seminary


Founded in 1992 by Bishop William Brennan, it now operates in modern and comfortable buildings situated in pleasant rural surroundings on the outskirts of the city of Wagga Wagga. 

It has a well trained and qualified academic staff and its courses are recognised by the Charles Sturt University in Wagga and by the Urbaniana University in Rome. St Ann’s library is on the campus and provides a modern and well stocked reference facitlity to the students.

Mass Times

Monday : Please call Vianney
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Wednesday : 69231222
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Sunday : 9.00am

Coat of Arms

After using the arms of the Diocese of Wagga Wagga for thirteen years, Vianney College adopted its own distinctive arms at the start of 2005. They were designed by the late Mr Michael Francis McCarthy of Sydney, an expert in ecclesiastical heraldry who has written several books on the subject.

In heraldic terms:

  • Blazon: Or, two keys in saltire gules, overall a cross patonce azure, charged with a chalice or, ensigned with a plate.
  • Crest: crow proper, perched on a sheaf of wheat fesswise or.
  • MottoCordis Iesu Amor (Love of the Heart of Jesus). This forms the essence of St John Vianney’s definition: Priesthood is the love of the Heart of Jesus

The symbolism is:

  • Gold shield: Grace
  • Keys of St Peter: The sacrament of penance, (especially dear to St John Vianney) as well as loyalty to the Magisterium.
  • Cross: A French form of the cross denoting the native land of St John Vianney, in blue, calling to mind Mary, which was also St John Vianney’s second name.
  • Chalice and Host: Denoting the priestly vocation centred on the Eucharist.
  • On the crest, the crow serves as a symbol of both the city and diocese of Wagga Wagga. The sheaf is taken from the coat-of-arms of our founder, Bishop Brennan, and also serves to link us to rural Australia.

Cordis Iesu Amor (Love of the Heart of Jesus). This forms the essence of St John Vianney’s definition: Priesthood is the love of the Heart of Jesus